Thursday, 9 September 2010


Yesterday was momentous!  For the first time I received money in exchange for a piece of jewellery that I made, a copy of the silver  swirly whirly necklace that I've written about previously.  Thanks Lorna and lets hope your daughter likes it!

This introduction into capitalistic venture has forced me to consider the practicalities of selling my work, boring stuff  like packaging.  Luckily I'd kept a beautiful folding box which I recycled to display this first offering to its full advantage.  However I can't go on using my old jewellery boxes for ever.  For a start I don't have that many and even though I like the idea of reusing packaging this is going to be untenable if I want to produce stuff to sell in any volume at all.

And so I'm on the search of my own packaging to 'promote' my brand.  My would-be customers are in two minds.  Some feel that no packaging is necessary if a product is homemade but other people I've spoken to feel that a posh box adds value to the product.  Preliminary searches haven't yielded what I'm looking for but then I don't know what that is yet.  However, I've got in mind something that's reasonably priced which may have a life beyond its original use.  When I come up with my idea I'll let you know.

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