Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Celebrating Small Successes

It's was my day off yesterday and I was going to get so much done. There's a problem with weariness at the moment though which is hindering me. You see, a couple of weeks ago, I visited a very good looking emergency dentist. Not that he would have returned the compliment as I had a smelly abcess in my month, was dribbling and wearing those attractive plastic goggles that they make you wear these days. Not at my best I admit.

Anyway, my painful back tooth has been removed but, until the cavity heals I'm not wearing 'Mandy', my mandibular device. This much loved piece of plastic stops me snoring by holding my jaw forward and guarantees decent quality sleep by giving me a clear airway to breathe through. Without Mandy, I am banished to the spare room because of excessive night time decibel production (think goods train). But another downside is that I feel as if I've flown halfway round the world and am suffering serious jet lag . As least I know that Mandy does something useful as well as making me look like an extra from the Planet of the Apes.

So, for example, the exercise regime has gone out of the window as has making a stash of jewellery to sell and some long planned cheesy flapjacks.  I could beat myself up about this but that would only make me feel an emotional wreck as well as a physical one.  Instead,  I'm going to count my small successes.  So yesterday:

I took my car to have its front tyres replaced.
I started a mosaic for a tabletop.
I helped Louis with a fun survey for his homework.
I tidied the workbench at the back of the garage.
I prepared two posts for my blog.
I attended a jewellery course taster session.  And there's some other bits and pieces too.

So when it's all been written down my achievements for the day don't look too bad.  So, for now, I'll celebrate my small successes and look forward to running on full steam shortly!

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