Thursday, 2 September 2010

Chore-y Thursday

Last weekend was wonderful. I had a lovely day on Saturday with Louis swimming, skiing and eating in Plymouth. Then I headed off to Torbay for a girlie night out which included a home cooked meal and the Occombe Farm Music Festival. After arriving home on Sunday morning the Lovelygrey family headed off for a delicious Sunday lunch at the house of Mr Lovelygrey's brother which was followed by tea and biscuits at the home of a friend who lives in the same village.

The problem with such an idyllic weekend is that little housework gets done because chores are scheduled at the weekend and I resent this! I had a backlog of ironing that I trawledd through on Sunday that took two and a half hours! Surely this is not how a girl should be spending her days off?

So, I've re-instated "chorey-Thursday", an old practice that died as Louis was born. This involves getting all the weekly housework out of the way before the weekend. True, after work I'm knackered and it's difficult to motivate myself.  In fact I'm feeling positively unenthusiastic already about the way I've planned my evening!  As for the ironing, which is not a pleasurable activity (and anyone who believe this is off their trolley),  I'm going to knock it on the head for all but the most wrinkly items.  After all I am a trendsetter and so I decree that 'Creased is the New Black!'

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