Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Days Out in Devon: Crabbing at Stoke Gabriel

The leaders are excelling themselves at the moment with the activities they've chosen to entertain the excitable group of 6-8 year olds that make up 1st Bovey Tracey Scout Group's  Beaver Colony.  And it brought my attention to a lovely spot that looks like it could be a firm favourite for future family outings.

We parked just by the River Shack in Stoke Gabriel, a cafe that may well be worth a future visit just to try their tasty sounding Brixham Crab Sandwiches.  But we were there to catch our own crabs from the adjoining jetty. Helpfully the cafe provides bait, nets and hook free lines for a small charge.  I see from their website that they even sell 'Champion Crabber' T-shirts.

This was so reminiscent of my childhood days spent by the sea filled paddling pools along the shore at Southend-on-Sea and the neighbouring seaside resorts near my childhood home.  With my superior knowledge  of the 'sport' I became uncharacteristically competitive. Louis, his best mate Henry and I managed to catch seventeen of the brave clawed beasties in an hour.  Sally, Henry's mum, learned the hard way that crabs should not be picked up by holding them from the front.  They're a bit nippy you see.

Luckily these creatures are not the type to end up between two slices of bread.  We let them go to fight another day and end up as part of the tally in someone else's bucket!

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