Sunday, 5 September 2010

Days Out in Devon: The Edge

The earliest readers of my blog,  those friends that I bound, gagged and dragged, making muted screaming noises, to my laptop, would have seen the lovely designs that were produced on a weekend mosaic course at High Heathercombe House, way up on Dartmoor.   It was there that I heard about The Edge, an annual sculpture exhibition held on the estate each September.

So, yesterday,  Naomi and Melanie,  my girls from the Mini Church of Craft paid a visit. The lovely Margaret came too.  She dreams of being Naomi's mother-in law in the far off future if her son, Pete, ever gets his skates on! And of course there was Louis, lover of  picnics, whose appreciation of art was heightened by snacking his way along the woodland paths where the fifty one diverse items in the  exhibition were displayed.  It was a minor miracle that he did not come home soaking wet as he also enjoyed bounding across streams that criss-crossed the wood.

Many of the pictures I took today didn't do this exhibition justice.  My poor little camera phone was challenged by the low light conditions in the woods. So I can't show you how we contributed to an installation by writing our hopes and desires on a Rizla paper which we stuffed into a clay egg and then added to those already in a mossy nest. Neither can I show you some of the work by a local Ashburton artist, Tati Dennehy, who had several pieces of work displayed.  Please go to her website to view her work and look at my previous post from the Mythic Gardens where  I suceeded in photographing one of her pieces successfully.  A piece of this woman's work is high on my objects of desire list when I've saved enough money.

After viewing the sculptures and marvelling at Louis' commentary about the aesthetic beauty of the nude form (Oooh! boobies and look Mum that man's got no pants) it was off for a picnic in the orchard, one of the gardens that are open to the public on exhibition days. We avoided scrumping and leaving bare a treeful of delicious looking plums so pudding number two, to supplement the lunch box lemon cupcakes and berries, was a 99 each on the way home from the friendly ice cream lady in the van outside the Dartmoor Parks Information Centre. All in all, a day out that comes highly recommended for both adults and children and we will certainly be returning in years to come! Many thanks to Mel at High Heathercombe and every else involved in organising this lovely event.

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