Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Dizzy Desert Island

Today,  as a pure piece of self indulgence and egocentricity, I thought I'd pretend to be on the popular Radio 4 programme 'Desert Island Discs'. I'm not sure why the presenter, Kirsty Young, would be inviting an anonymous blogger to sit in the chair where so many famous bums have perched. It was Tom Jones this week! Also, I'm putting aside all my doubts about the practicalities of the situation. Would there be some secret essential supplies and a decent sleeping bag, for example? Anyway these would be my current musical choices.
  1. Leonard Cohen:  Go no more a roving:  Absolutely my favourite Leonard track ever which leaves me with some guilt.  After all the words are Byron's and not Leonard's own.
  2. Robert Palmer:  Johnny and Mary:  A relic of my teenage years.  Before buying this single at the wonderful Golden Disc in Southend, I had to make do with hearing it via Radio Luxembourg's crackly reception.
  3. Mad Dog McCrea: Am I Drinking Enough?:  Excellent offering from local Plymouth group.  Both Louis and I are big fans (especially since he went back stage autograph hunting at Ivylive and was treated so kindly by the band).
  4. Allegri: Miserere:  Superlative piece of 'classical' music which proves that I am a posh girl at heart.
  5. Kylie Minogue: Can't get you out of my head:  A piece of near perfect pop which will be ideal for bopping to on my beach
  6. Simply Red: Home:  More perfect pop of a more slushy nature.
  7. Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Sylvan:  Forbidden Colours:  Beautiful stark piece of music reminiscent of my university days
  8. Leonard Cohen: Gypsy's Wife (from Live in London):  A momento of the most wonderful live gig that I've ever attended (Louis swears that he can hear my shrieks on the soundtrack).  This would be the one that I would choose if I had to pick from my eight tracks.
For my book I think I'd choose a great big combined French grammar book and French Dictionary (if such a thing exists). And the luxury has got to be a never ending store of craft supplies. When my rescuers eventually arrived they'll be surprised to find a bi-lingual grey lady on her self decorated Gaudi-esque isle!

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