Wednesday, 15 September 2010

End of Summer Clearance

It's felt, over the last couple of weeks, like I've been having a spring clean - except it's not spring and autumn is fast approaching. I got rid of a shedload of old toys and books when I decorated Louis' room and made a conscious effort to reduce my own stash of possessions. My study and work area at the back of the garage have been re-organised. Even my computers at home and work are being cleaned up. Slowly, slowly I'm deleting files I no longer need and organising those that I want to keep.

The end of summer seems the most appropriate time of the year to clear the decks and make a pleasant interior environment. After all, in the colder, darker months I'm likely to spend more time indoors. So I'm looking forward to cosying up in my nice clean tidy home and doing lots of crafts in my newly organised workspaces. And writing this post was a good excuse to use a picture of this hyper tidy cutesy American bird!

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