Monday, 20 September 2010

A Free Lunch

When you work near a shopping centre it's easy for all thrifty intentions to go out of the window and spend, spend, spend during lunchtimes.  I'm trying to find things to do during my break that don't cost anything but which give me a well earned rest to freshen me up for an afternoon's hard graft!  Now I have to say I'm luckier than most in the locations where I work.  This is Dartmouth, one of the towns that I cover in my community based role and site of some gorgeous shops that need avoiding.  But those seats would be just the place to sit and read, a lovely alternative to consumerism whilst eating lunch on a sunny day!
The other day though, I spent my lunch break in the Flavel Centre in the town.  This building, as well as housing the library where I picked up three books, also hosts art exhibitions.  When I visited it was hosting an event to publicise Devon Open Studios , an annual event where artists throughout the country  give the general public a glimpse of their work space.  This piece by  Bill Westaway caught my eye.  It's just the inspiration that I needed to use up my own vast collection of sea glass!

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