Sunday, 12 September 2010

Days Out in Devon: Ivylive

It's a late posting today as I've been recovering from our second outing to a festival!  Two late nights in a row takes a toll even when the second night's liquid intake was a smoothie and coffee extravaganza.   Our date at Ivylive was supposed to be a family event but Mr Lovelygrey dipped out and caught the bus home on Saturday morning. He's decided that re-living his youth is not his bag.  So I was left to strut my stuff, in sole charge of the van with Louis and the lovely Melanie who secured a place in the bottom bunk.

What a great weekend!  This festival is not advertised as kid-friendly but there was plenty for Louis to do -  which included science workshops, circus skills and a play bus.  He also made friends with the lovely people from Eatmusic who patiently let him and his new buddies hang out in their marquee.  Thanks too, must go to Mad Dog McCrea, one of my all time favourite live acts, who let him come backstage to have his CD signed by 'famous people'!

We all enjoyed our encounter with kanga garra rufa fish who nibbled the dead skin off our feet whilst at the same time secreting a healing enzyme. Not sure if I've achieved any long lasting benefits but it was an interesting one off experience and I can also affirm that, if you slip off the seat into the tank, the fish make a speedy get away and are not squashed. The purported relaxing effects of the therapy was somewhat undermined as throughout my session I had to bat off repeated requests from Louis for £1.20 to buy sweets!

This weekend Louis inadvertently made up a great new word 'noisic',  a highly subjective term for unpleasant music.  My avoidance of music radio stems from an aversion to being exposed to this genre of sound too often.  Unfortunately the downside is that  I don't often hear new artists that I might like.   As a mum who doesn't get out much I'm pleased to have been introduced to some non-noisical acts.   Cosmo Jarvis and Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly have now been added to my playlist to dilute my auditory overdose of Leonard Cohen.

Not content with just trying one new thing, my fishy feeding frenzy,  I was persuaded by Louis to have my face painted in his design of second choice (I refused his hammer horror favourite!).  Here's the result which I think secures my place at a full on festival chick extraordinaire.  Back next year when I shall be festooned with glitter tattoos!

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