Friday, 3 September 2010

Just finished reading: Sacred Country

When I've enjoyed a particular author I tend to seek them out.   After finishing Rose Tremain's  The Road Home  I was compelled to add her books to my wish list.    Sacred Country  is the second of her novels that I've read and,  if I ever get round to writing my novel in between housework, parenting, my job, making jewellery, blogging, travelling in the van etc. etc.,  I would aspire to write as beautifully as her.

Her novels seem to be span different periods in history from bygone centuries to the current time.  This story, whose characters include someone who eventually undergoes transgender surgery,  a  would-be country and western star and a dentist, is mainly set in Suffolk in the decades after the war.   The subject matter seems well researched and the prose flows easily. 

For male readers who stumble across this post, don't be put off by this author's girlie name. Her subject matter cuts through the gender divide with ease. Okay, her books are not as macho as those written by, say, RJ Ellory, who's probably cannily concealing a first name like Rose too. But, the fact that Mr Lovelygrey reads them and he has a very low tolerance for chick lit, proves that these are stories that are definitely suitable for boys too.

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