Thursday, 23 September 2010

Just finished reading: Green Christmas

Okay I know it's a bit early but I've noticed the bigger shops have already put up their Yuletide displays. But, in my defence, you have to start to prepare early if Christmas isn't going to be the commercialised nasty occasion that the men in dark suits want it to be so that they can line their own pockets. There! that's my daily rant over.

Green Christmasis one of my library finds and I confess it's a book that I've dipped into rather than read from cover to cover. It's written from a very American perspective so some of the writing loses a bit of its relevance for an overseas audience. Additionally the retail websites that are suggested in the book are, in the main, North American. Europeans buying from these can be stung on postage costs and excise duties. There's also the shipping miles to think of too....

This book covers lots of the areas that other 'Green' books do, transport, packaging, ethical spending, growing vegetables and the like. It spreads itself widely and for that reason it just doesn't seem like a very Christmassy read. I would have preferred a focus on the actual holiday itself with lots of original ideas to make this holiday season special.

It did however refer to a number of blogs and websites that have been interesting to visit which have made it to my blog's favourites lists.  These are (in no particular order):

These sites may well offer sources of Christmas inspiration that you're looking for!

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