Saturday, 4 September 2010

...Laziness is Not!

I've become a bit slothful over the last few months.  Maybe it's because of all the blogging that I do but if I think about it, the biggest excuse that I'm making for myself is tiredness.  However,  I realise that giving into lethargy makes me inactive and I embark on one of those cycles that I'm ever so good at describing in the therapy sessions that I give. I need to rise and shine to get energised again and not give in to my inner slug!

Now I could go running off to the local gym, take out membership and ask a fitness consultant there to come up with a plan for me.  But, this hasn't worked in the past.  I  don't particularly enjoy the cardiovascular machines or pumping weights  on a regular basis.  I mainly like keep fit in the open air not in a sweaty sports centre. So, I've chosen a selection of core exercises that I currently do anyway, albeit in a perfunctory manner, walking, cycling, skiing, swimming and my weekly yoga class. I've identified that I'd like to take up jogging again and I'd like to try climbing and different variants of yoga for the first time. It's dawned on me that many housework tasks and gardening could count as exercise and I may well try out some conservation volunteering too. All that lugging bits of tree around must be good for you.

So, from today I am going to put a weekly exercise schedule in my diary and be 'strict' about keeping the appointment. I then thought about the barriers that could cause me to wimp out - inclement weather being top of my list and bone idleness, if I'm honest is up there too. So, I've decided to give myself a choice of things to do each day. I really do not like cycling in the rain but will tolerate a walk wearing my big waxed hat. A rigid adherence to teatime exercise has also been a hindrance so I'm considering how I might incorporate early morning, later evening and the occasional lunchtime sessions into my plan.

So, Mañana has arrived!  I must give some credit for  my daily exercise regime starting  today to the authors of two books  Body Moves by Debra Daley and The Exercise Bible by Joanna Hall that I've borrowed from the library which have been helpful in giving me ideas for activities that meet my health needs and practical advice about how to schedule sporty activities into a daily routine.  These are not going to be the subject of hasty shopping action on Amazon. Owning these will just give me a further excuse to curl up and read which Ms Hall points out doesn't make you sweat at all (see p.42).  I need to be out there being active,  making my exercise gear soggy with perspiration, toning up and burning those calories!

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