Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Lovelygrey's Liqueur Store

The Lovelygrey boys were doing other things so I decided to wander in the fields near our home with my foraging sack. I don't do girlie bags ever since a colleague told me that I carried them as if I were posing for a knitting pattern. So, I'll never be a WAG with my preference for string bags and rucksacks. Also I'm a little bit podgier than the stick thin women that footballers seem to gravitate towards.

I was on a mission to make blackberry vodka and pick 600g of blackberries to add to a litre of spirit and 300g sugar.  Apparently the brew needs to be shaken daily for a couple of weeks and will be ready in three months - just in time to make Christmas just that bit merrier.

Way back I wrote a post about sloe gin made in 2009 and this has now been bottled ready for drinking  Producing this stuff has become a family tradition and has been so successful I thought I'd additionally try something different this year, hence the blackberry vodka.  So just one kilner jar of the new tipple has been produced as an experiment to see how it turns out.  My crystal ball tells me it will be lovely and I'll be making a bigger batch next year!

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