Friday, 24 September 2010

Midrift Crisis

I found this image when I did a Google search for 'fat belly' and reckon it is so disturbing it could be stuck on the kegerator and added to my weight loss armoury. My entire diet weaponry needs to be put to good use again as my once slightly loose jeans are uncomfortably tight.  I'm confident though that I can lose the stone I want to if I stick to these ten top tips.

  1. I aim to reduce my weight by just a pound a week and realistically I'm happy with a little less (four per month).  There's more chance of sustained success with a realistic target which amounts to cutting or exercising away 3,500 calories weekly.
  2. On workdays I have a lunch of several pieces of fruit (although I allow myself one day off).
  3. Most weekday evenings I have a small meal such as soup or a vegetable dish rather than something that would normally be viewed as a full main course.
  4. I accept that sometimes I will feel hungry and don't see this as a cue to eat.
  5. At the weekend I have a main meal and pudding (yippee!) at lunchtime and skip supper.  After the midday blowout I find that I'm not usually hungry anyway.
  6. I limit alcohol consumption to weekends only (cue fat man picture on the beer fridge!).
  7. I don't cut any food from my diet altogether but curb the amount of the 'naughty' foods that I eat.  This stops me craving for things that I'm absteined from.
  8. I accept that some days are, on paper, going to look disasterous, but see that as part and parcel of a normal pattern of eating over the long term.
  9. I focus on getting exercise some days - for example, extra cycling, walking and swimming
  10. Most importantly I schedule in a really special reward for each half stone that I lose.  These are things that are a real treat that I wouldn't buy normally.  My 'I've lost a stone stone', a beautiful piece of green amber is pictured below.  This time I've already asked for Lizzie Saunder's lovely jellyfish to be set aside as my present to myself for shedding the first seven pounds this time round!

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  1. YOU SAID:
    "Most weekday evenings I have a small meal such as soup or a vegetable dish ..."

    Soup and vegetables are great. My favorite veggies are red, yellow, and orange sweet bell peppers. They are nutritional powerhouses, high in fiber, low in calories and carbohydrates, and very delicious.