Monday, 6 September 2010

New Boots (But no Panties!)

The title today provides the perfect excuse to pop a photo of the late great Ian Dury on my blog.  Many of my musical likes from my teens have been pushed downhill on the sledge of embarrassment (Howard Jones for goodness sake and most of that heavy metal nonsense). But Ian with his Blockheads stays at the top of the slope because of his witty writing, musicianship and originality.

If you read my post a few days ago you may be aware that I bought my winter wardrobe. As I underbudgeted I decided, rather than paying off a bit of the mortgage like a good girl, that I would buy myself some festival wellies. I'd originally planned to buy some flowery ones. However footwear gives me problems. I have Morton's Neurone which  is particularly sensitive to incorrect choices of footwear and standard wellies, however decorative they are, can be problemmatic causing pain between the third and fourth toe of my right foot after about an hours wear. But my lovely ugly shoes, Birkenstocks and Crocs are consistently comfy  because of their shaped footbeds and roomy toe areas. So, I wondered if these manufacturers had a design that would be more likely to give me pain-free welly wearing.

And here they are! Lovely jubbly new Crocs wellies which come in a range of bright colours that could well have suited my funky lusting. But, in the end, I chose plain black. After, all like my Crocs sandals, if they're really comfy they'll get a lot of use, and may even sneak into my everyday wardrobe. And the panties? Well, my budget is almost blown so I'll have to put up with the greying offerings in my undies drawer until the spring!

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