Monday, 27 September 2010

Use it Up!

I have a confession that may be all too familiar to other people with a passion for craftiness. Buying supplies can bring out unpleasant shopaholic tendencies. A bead shop or craft fayre, for example can send me, as a normally thrifty lady into a buying frenzy. Good for Louis's treasure hunting prospects in my workroom but totally, totally bad from a finanical perspective and counter to my decluttering ethos.

So I've set up a personal trade embargo. There is a ban on buying craft supplies for the next six months...unless it's absolutely essential to finish a project.  My inspiration for a fish mosaic-ed tabletop that is currently in progress is this beautiful piece by American artist, Claudia Nagy which forms part of a mural in a New York apartment block. I particularly like how she has used the space between tiles that is normally filled with grout to outline the fish's mouth.

Now I've seen round tesserae for sale that would save me doing some complicated cutting, the perfect excuse to flash some wads.  But instead I'm going to get the nippers out and create some circular-ish shapes of my own out of my existing square stock.  And although there is a vast spectrum of coloured tiles of the market that would match the original design I'm sticking to my existing stock.    Watch this space for the finished result which I'm confident that I'll be proud of from both an artistic and thrifty perspective.

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