Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Veg Box Tales: Spiced Broccoli and Halloumi Couscous

I've reviewed my previous foodie posts and it appears that, seeing as I am an omnivore, it is high time that I wrote about some really meaty food - half a spit roast ox perhaps? Or one of those multi-bird joints where, in true old lady who swallowed a fly style, you start with a boned sparrow and end up by placing a well stuffed flamingo in an ostrich carcass. But I return to writing about vegetables as a delicious meat-free dish has emerged from the kitchen of Mr. Lovelygrey yet again.

This Spiced Broccoli and Halloumi Couscous recipe came in last week's newsletter from the lovely people at Riverford Farm. I don't even have to write out the recipes as, fingers crossed, if you follow the link, it will pop up from their website. Now halloumi is an excellent store cupboard item and tolerates hanging around for ever. Ours had been in the fridge since time immemorial and hadn't even reached its sell by date. The broccoli came from the veg box and the beans were freshly picked from the garden. How right on is that?

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