Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Dirty Heavy Metal

I feel that my silver jewellery class is going well even though all I've got to show for my efforts at the moment is a bent C shaped bit of  silver and a more complex tarnished piece. 'Nice,'said Louis although I could tell he was pretty underwhelmed by the cylinder of silver attached to a small piece of raggedy plate which will eventually be transformed into the bezel for a shiny, glittery topaz ring.  Obviously he didn't appreciate the blood, sweat, and tears that had gone into my soldering.

For homework we've been asked to compile two sets of images to act as resource materials, one around a theme and the other a collection of work by jewellers and other artists that we admire.  This bee pendant will almost certainly be there.  I've been in awe of it ever since I clapped eyes on it, as it were, in the flesh.  It's housed in a museum in Heraklion Museum on Crete and is a find from nearby Malia.  Remarkably it's from the early Bronze Age and  is dated at 1700BC.  Good work ancient craftman!  I hope one day to achieve your level of appreciation of form and skill but for now you've inspired me to use 'Timeless' as my theme.

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