Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A Free Lunch Mk 2

Lunch breaks are good for providing a bit of instant regeneration after a hard morning's work but, as I've mentioned before, it's all too tempting to unleash the shopaholic in you if you work in an area where there is a retail base. But here's the results of my ramble up the main street in Totnes on Monday.  I kept to my  planned purchases of second class stamps and 90p worth of coloured paper for my jewellery class (ours is not to reason why!).  Then I looked for design inspiration for future projects.  Here's the first thing that caught my eye in the window of Hi Ho , one of a small chain of jewellery shops that has provided retail temptation before. In amongst the interesting reflections caught in this photo there's a necklace that gives me an idea for another use for the silver swirls that I've become adept at making.

I nearly succumbed to this simple hessian shopper from Seasalt . After all, £3 is nothing is it? Then again I've got plenty of bags so don't need anymore.  So someone else can buy this little beauty and my photo can provide me with the inspiration for my own creation. Methinks that a mosaic incorporating a monochrome whale may be in the offing some time in the future.
There was just time to pop into an wonderful exhibition of art by sixth former at KEVIC, the local secondary school. This textile design was one of my favourite pieces. I might have to pop back to photograph a brilliantly conceived portrait in pencil which drawn on the pages of old books. This could be the inspiration that allows me to produce a work of art that achieves the same accolade as my brother's entry in the National Portrait Gallery competition. As well as the runner up price he received a scathing write up from art critic, Brian Sewell. For this, Paul I salute you!

My final treasure nearly convinced me to rip the credit card from my purse with gay abandon! This beautiful urn was in Green Fuse,funeral directors who veer away from the traditional approach. It was immediately recognisable as a piece by Tati Dennehy, a ceramicist that I've raved about in the past. Fortunately, reason took hold and I did not pre-buy the container for my ashes but I'll save my money and shortly treat myself to one of her pieces that has a more immediate use. After all I'm planning to be around a while yet!

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