Sunday, 10 October 2010

Get Them Off!

I'm always looking out for inspiration for future jewellery projects even though I'm slow in their execution. As well as finding ideas in books and magazines, I've found that people are normally happy, to take off and let me photograph pieces that they're wearing. Of course, this is after I've profusely complimented them for their wonderful taste! Who knows, some of the increasing collection of photos that I'm collecting might useful resource material when I create my own designs in future.

Above are some beautiful ceramic and silver earrings bought by Snobby Friend on a recent trip to Istanbul which I believe may have incorporated frenzied shopping activity judging by the number of previously unseen scarves and glittery things she's been wearing since the trip.  The chunky design could be an ideal way for me to practise my new found bezel making skills acquired from jewellery evening class.    I love their asymmetry and chunky fastenings too.

I aspire to being able to produce the neat plaiting that my minimalism loving friend Kay has produced in this simple leather and silver pendant that she made herself. I wonder whether friends find it flattering when they're asked to denude themselves of their own creations so that I can copy their ideas or are quietly seething because of the outright cheek!

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