Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Guinea Pig Papers

I've been swapping 'junk' with my jewellery teacher Lizzie.  She's supplied me with a mound of corks and I am saving my newspapers for her to use to line the hutch of her guinea pigs.  Hopefully, they'll be very pleased with their reading material and their squeaky laughther will fill Lizzie's garden with joy as they read the quote from Tony Blair's new autobiography a piece of writng that has won him the accolade of being nominated for the Literary Review's 'Bad Sex Award'.

Thanks to the efforts of holiday drinking, my wine loving friends, a lucky find donated by an ex-winemaker in a charity shop and my oddest Ebay purchase I believe I've now got enough corks to start my bath mats.  These are much needed because my existing ones are definitely past their sell by date.   I need to add the other materials to my shopping list and add this project to the ever increasing pile of work in progress. Mr Lovelygrey suspects that cracks in the downstairs plaster may have appeared because the weight of craft materials on the shelves up above!

Unfinished work includes my ring from Lizzie's jewellery class. Even in its bent, rough, untarnished state I'm already proud to show my soldering abilities. I'm quite confident that I'll be able to show off the finished article in all its glittering glory after my next lesson.

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