Wednesday, 27 October 2010

J K Rowling and I

Jo Rowling and I were at Exeter University at the same time and it won't surprise you to find out that we were best buddies.  What a great time we had.  As well as enjoying the normal academic pursuits, such as downing strange concoctions in the bar and chasing lads, we explored the Devon countryside together.   I recall that it was me who suggested, on a visit to Ottery St. Mary during the November 5th Tar Barrels Celebration, that she should bastardise the name of the town in one of the children's novels that she planned to write.  We still get together for champagne laden weekends in her pad in Edinburgh and I hope that my support helps her survive the strain that her fame inevitably brings.

Actually, all but one titbit of information in the above paragraph is a pack of lies. Joanne Rowling did attend Exeter University at the same time as me but I didn't realise this until a friend told me a few years ago.   It would be good to see a photograph of her taken at the time to see if I actually recognise her but it's a long shot seeing that lived on the  other side of the campus.

We do have a few thngs  in common now, one of which is making donations to charity. Okay, my meagre offerings pale into insignificance compared to her latest gift of £10 million to Multiple Sclerosis research but I like to think I'm making a start  and who knows that old Exeter magic may mean that, one day, I'm as rich and influential as 'my ex best mate(!).  My monthly donations into my CAF account  allow me  every so often to go on spending spree for others which generates a warm glow in the cockles of my heart  Children in Mind , who work in the underfunded field of child'ren's mental health are one of my recent beneficiaries but I've also been lucky enough to give money to other causes that float my boat, charities that focus on the environment, overseas development, health and addressing poverty.

Even if you're on a limited income I'd encourage you to set aside just a little of your income to do the same thing.  The warm glow is worth the expenditure.  And to those celebrities, who are generous with their wealth, I salute you!

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