Monday, 25 October 2010

Just finished reading: Angels

It felt like I read a look more chick-lit than is healthy for someone who would like to secretly view themselves as cerebral.   But having rooted back through my blog I find that it is a while since I dabbled into this 'easy listening' area of fiction. I think Angels is the third Marian Keye's novel that I've read.   Enjoyable with many funny moments, yes, but still not a patch on my favourite so far, Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married.

 My gripe about This Charming Man  was that it could have been squeezed into a novel a third of the size.  This time, the book is a more acceptable 482 pages.   But, the bulk of the story is set in Los Angeles but I didn't really engage with the story until the main character's family turn up from Ireland.  I'm not sure if this is Keye's fault or whether a city where it appears that shallowness reigns supreme is an unproductive source of interesting characters, particularly for someone whose own cosmetic budget comes close to £0 per year.

Still the book provides a well observed commentary on the trials and tribulations of the human condition and there were many occasions that it raised a smile.  And for a quid from the hospital charity book table, that's not bad going.

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