Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Just finished reading: Simply Green

I thought I'd mention this elegant little library find well before Christmas as it contains some lovely ideas for cards, wrapping paper and presents. And if you really taken with the book and wanted to personally own it there's currently some very good deals on Amazon marketplace. With my non proliferation of possessions policy I've resisted temptation and just scanned the pages that have most inspired me.  See that halo glow!

Excuse me if I've lead a sheltered life and some of the ideas in Simply Green Giving are just old hat to more experienced crafty folk. However, these are the items that I thought were really original, surprisingly chic and would cause the recipients of home made wonders to bow to my goddess-like creative ability!

  • Gift tags made out of clear soap embedded with the giftee's name.
  • Tags made from leaves and grass stamped with a name or personal message.
  • A bank note folded into a ring and presented in a small jewellery box.
  • Ideas for natural packing material to replace foam peanuts.  This  includes the use of edible monkey nuts instead!
  • Personalised charm bracelets.
  • Cards impregnated with seeds.
  • Gift wrap made from shiny foil snack bags.
  • A beautiful twiggy card display
  • Ways to polish old costume jewellery to recycle it into a gleaming gift.
For detailed instructions you'll have to borrow the book or wait awhile to see my attempts at re-creating the ideas in future posts!

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