Monday, 18 October 2010

Mini Church of Craft: A Little Help from My Friends

Alas Naomi wasn't around for our October Church of Craft Meeting but Louis decided to join Melanie and me (when he wasn't playing with her Wii).    A project for a wire work pendant in one of Melanie's back issues of 'Making Jewellery' magazine had brought out my inner fish wife when I attempted the project alone with little to show for my effort apart from blue air.  To be fair to the author, Abby Hook,  the project is described as advanced so perhaps I was over-estimating my skill level.

 But I've found it helpful to share my jewellery problems with my friends.  Two heads are better than one and all that.  Melanie's attempt to make the design wasn't completely successful either but we came up with a few ideas like a teensy bit of soldering that might make the pendant easier to complete.

On this occasion Louis was the only person to finish a piece of work, customising a gold plated bookmark with his own collection of beads, pilfered from my own and Melanie's craft box.   Unlike the grown ups he produced his design really easily, neither fretting nor swearing along the way. He even fitted in the odd game of virtual golf as well!   His colourful end-product  currently  has pride of place between the pages of  'James and the Giant Peach'. 

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