Friday, 8 October 2010

National Book Week: Instant Dennis

It's a quick one today because I'm still recovering from the aftermath of a very busy day.  I was home from work an hour and a half later than normal, it was Chore-y Thursday and I wanted to watch 'River Cottage Everyday'.  What a source of yummy inspiration that was too!

In the midst of all the hyperactivitiy prior to slumping in front of the TV, a little voice spoke to me.  'I need to dress up for book day tomorrow'.  Realisation struck.  So, that was the reason that one of the Beaver mummies had been moaning vociferously about prolific costume making.  After it's Roman day and Victorian day at school this half term.  Now it was the turn of National Book Week to spoil our already frenzied routines!

So, panic mounting, I looked on line for inspiration and was surprised to see that the marketing men see Book Days as a selling opportunity.  Type in 'book day costumes' on Google and there's a wealth of Harry Potter outfits and the like that you can buy for the event.  But given that it was too late and more importantly I abhor that kind of spending activity I looked around for a free costume.

Here's the very quick result conjured up this morning from a nearly authentic red and blue striped T-shirt and a modified Halloween wig plumped up with a bit of hair gel. Bad mummy situation narrowly averted!

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