Thursday, 21 October 2010

Roman Day

Today is Roman Day at school - so why the picture of the birthday cake you may ask.  Well, yesterday was Mr. Lovelygrey's 48th birthday.  You might think that that this event might have been a catalyst for making plenty of home made stuff in anticipation of the event.  But not a bit of it.  I've been busy with other things and anyway adult birthdays are not over celebrated in our house.  After all, we've got pretty much everything we need so there's not a lot of room for extra stuff.

But Louis does like to make birthdays an occasion so I do make a tiny effort.  So there was a cake and nice wine, courtesy of the Co-op and we wrapped up some of the bike bits that Mr Lovelygrey recently ordered and I've offered to pay for these.
Oh and I surprised him with a bottle of single malt and lunch at the pub.  So all in all not bad for an event that used to pass quietly when we were childless.
So back to Roman Day. This lovely hunk of a man appeared outside Louis' classroom a fortnight ago - much more handsome than any of the male teachers. He was going to serve as inspiration for an elaborate costume made of cardboard but again, time has not been on my side. So we've resorted to a bought helmet from Ebay and a costume made out of a pillowcase and an existing plastic breastplate from Louis' underbed armoury. So, although I did spend a minute or so turning a pillowcase into a tunic,, I'm not going to stun the other parents with my yummy mummy craftiness although but c'est la vie. What matters is Louis is happy with his costume and I'm sure he's going to have a brilliant day.

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