Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Secret of a Gleaming Smile

Ah!  the ring of confidence.  When I was Little Lovelygrey I was easily seduced by a good ad.  So, I pestered Mama Lovelygrey to buy some Colgate toothpaste, truly believing that its use would, in one dizzy instant, encase my head in a kind of mystic hula hoop.  But it was not to be.  Either the advertising men were misleading me or I was not one of the chosen beings for whom this was a reality.  Thinking back, neither was anyone else in my school!

So what is the secret of a gleaming smile?  Now flossing before brushing  is helpful in removing all the bits that your toothbrush can't reach and is a habit that is second nature to both myself and my fastidious friend and beauty consultant, Mr. Metrosexual.  As an aside, flossing may be also  influential in preventing cardiovascular disease.  Read this lovely sensible article that I've found to discover more. 

I think a whizzy electric toothbrush has been helpful in keeping my teeth looking and feeling overall much cleaner than they were when I used a manual version. However, I was still having problems with stains building up on my two lower front teeth that overlap irregularly.  So, Magda, my dentist, suggested smoker's toothpaste might help.

Now I'm not a smoker.  I'm too prone to inner turmoil to inflict such a damaging habit on my body.  And I'm tight.  Have you seen how much a packet of ciggies costs these days?  Just to say that this handy hint has worked.  Whilst my teeth are not whiter than white, which I think is down to the natural colour of the enamel, there's no obvious staining now so I'm a lot happier.  Just to say I'm not advocating the brand in the illustration.  Any old type seems to do and in the spirit of being a meanie I pick whichever is the cheapest in the shop at the time of my purchase.

And if you're still insistent that you'd like your very own ring of confidence? Well, learn to hula hoop at face level!

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