Saturday, 23 October 2010

Spiders and Conkers

I've been posting daily on my blog for a good seven months or so.  And who'd have believe that I could have come up with more than two hundred topics to write about.  I'm especially surprised for it's hardly that I lead a film star glamourous, action packed lifestyle.

What I've found though is that commiting myself to writing regularly has fostered my inquistive tendencies and they are getting more finely tuned as the months go by.  Now, I actively seek out things to write about, not earth shattering events that are going to change history, but just snippets of the everyday lives of myself and others.  So,  for example, I was going to follow up an overhead conversation and write about a subject that was completely new to me.  Old country lore would have us believe that  conkers and spiders are mutually exclusive within a ten mile radius.  A gem of an idea, that I thought I could unleash and take the world by storm.  Unfortunately Autumnwatch beat me to it and very interesting it was too!

Writing has also spurred me into being more active.  I'll try things that I possibly wouldn't have in the past for the sake of producing source materials for my posts.  Who knows whether I would have tested under the ability of Anusol to reduce under eye puffiness or a trip to 'Go Ape' without my blog.

Here's hoping that the ideas will continue to flow!  I'm starting to explore a new angle of enquiry to help this process - coming up the whacky titles before I know what I'm going to write.  Ideas for 'Raining Men' anyone?

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