Sunday, 3 October 2010

Ta Ta Tatin

This post embraces the themes of seasonal eating, using up leftovers and free food.  Our meal tonight was at the height of deliciousness in spite of being cheaper than chips.

First course,  Cream of Potato and Turnip soup, again from those wonderfully inventive folks at Riverford Organic., far more luxuriant than its ingredients would suggest, even without the cream suggested in the recipe.  After all we'd been away for the weekend and the cupboard was relatively bare.

Then there was a tarte tatin made from freebie apples and half a packet of leftover puff pastry. This was adapted from a pear version in Jamie at Homeby Mr. Oliver, a star among Essex boys. Although delicious, next time I will increase the amount of sugar that I use, perhaps from 100g to 150g to compliment the tartness of the apples.  The scrumminess of this dessert caused me to reflect on how this fruit is at its best at this time of year and serves as a reminder about how we should embrace seasonality (although I'm not sure how this works with bananas!).

As a bonus, I made cheesy straws to accompany the soup out of the scraps of puff pastry left over from the pudding. I simply rolled out the pastry, seasoned it with salt, pepper and chilli and then added a smattering of grated cheddar. After folding the pastry in half I re-rolled it and topped the cut straws with grated parmesan. They were popped in the oven with the tarte tatin until golden.

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