Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Thought for the Day: 'Fessing Up'

I'm wondering if someone up there is cross with me!  There been a little more living at the black end of my monochrome spectrum than I'd like to admit.  Among my last few posts have been a number where I've tried to portray myself as the eco-thrifty chick that I'd like you to think I am.  And now, as if to say that my latest 'sin' against green living was just a step too far I've been struck down with a bout of irritable bowel syndrome.   I'm concerned that the cause is ingestion of previous suspects, wheat in combination with red meat, this time in the form of a Big Mac!

Yes, I bowed to pester power and the lure of the Happy Meal and went to McDonalds at the weekend.  As Louis sighed with contentment over his Chicken Nuggets, Fries, McFlurry and especially the toy,  I laboured through my 'sandwich' and ruled myself out as the star of the sequel to Fast Food Nation.  Only one lot of tasteless burgers wedged between pappy baps was enough to convince me that  this was way off the beautiful home cooked meals that I'm normally used to.  Just to reinforce the fact that I needn't eat anything so mass produced again I reckon someone on high served me a tiny reminder and inflicted severe abdominal pain which hasn't yet abated.

And whilst I'm here I might as well 'fess up my other sins against green, wholesome living on top of booking flights to Scotland that I've already mentioned.  I recently visited an snowdome, thereby giving my tacit approval to an attraction that has a huge environmental impact.  Also I'm adding onward flights to our impending transatlantic family trip rather than facing the prospect of a sixteen hour journey each way in our friend's truck to our final holiday destination.   I think I hear a voice booming down from above.  'Must do better, Lovelygrey!'

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