Friday, 29 October 2010

Timeless Designs

I'm constantly amazed at the access that we have to information these day and one website that I've found to help with my jewellery class homework is astounding.  The resources provided by the Victoria & Albert Museum on their website are amazing.  Thousands of pictures and descriptions of objects in their collection are displayed included this Lapis Lazuli bird from the 1960s.

I'm looking for timeless designs and have surprised myself with showing a preference for enamelled pieces or look-alikes, like this beautiful piece  from the early 20th century.   Like some of the jewellery that I own there's an element of kitsch that appeals but it's saved from being tacky by the quality of the craftsmanship in its construction.

I thought the final piece that caught my eye was a product of the Arts and Crafts Movement but is in fact much earlier, having been made around 1350 in France or the Netherlands.  Maybe the religious theme might have given it away to a more experienced eye but I truly feel that this pendant falls firmly in the category of designs that transcend the age that they were produced in.

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