Friday, 1 October 2010

Winter Warmers

I love summer dresses.  They can look wonderfully smart but are so comfy that it feels like I'm wearing a nightie!  Sadly, though, the wind is getting a bit more whistly and it's a lot colder in the mornings.  So today I've raided my cupboard and chest of drawers, vacuum packed my warmer weather gear and got out the winter wardrobe.

This is actually something I was looking forward to.  After all I felt like a change and being re-introduced to things that got packed away six months ago is quite exciting.  Out comes my trusty five year old Joules gilet and my lovely retro belted grey coat.  And I am looking forward to wearing my shorter skirts again because 'tis the season to cover my tree trunk legs with black tights.  Even though this charity shop buy is an old favourite it had been dismissed from my mind over the summer months and I was really pleased that I'll be able to wear it again soon.

And welcome back cosy jumpers! Even though some of my knitwear would be wearable all year long putting it away for half the year means that I've less chance of getting fed up of particular items. This looks good from the perspective of cutting down what I buy and keeping existing clothes longer.

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