Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Antidote to Spending

More thoughts about Edinburgh - a city of delights for the serious shopper!  Lots of beautiful quality clothes, jewellery, crafts and furniture.  I could have embarked on a spend, spend, spend quest that could have easily maxxed out the credit card. A pink corduroy coat here and an artisan pendant there.   Yet, aside from my concert CDs, one of which I gave to Louis, and a bottle of whiskey to thank Mr Lovelygrey for his lone childcare efforts and airport shuttle service, I found it relatively easy to resist what might have represented substantial temptation in my younger years.  Because instead of spending now I snap!

Taking pictures of my objects of desire, like this brooch  by Orkney artist Ola Gorie has quelled my desire to get my purse out and engage in an unplanned shopping frenzy.   It allows me time to contemplate whether I  (or Mama Lovelygrey) could make something similar myself or make a scheduled purchase in the future.  So here's a list of some of the other artists/retailers that caught my eye!

Heathergems - For the intriguing process by which they make their 'jewels'
Ola Gorie - More lovely shiny stuff from the Orkney Islands
Ness -  The Scottish equivalent of White Stuff and manufacturer of the aforementioned pink coat
Ortak  - Another inspirational jeweller
Fisherman - Maker of the much coveted £225 cable knit hoodie which might prompt me to investigate Mama Lovelygrey's long lost knitting skills
Sheila Fleet - Goodness they must all spend their time making beautiful jewellery during the long winter months in the Orkney Isles.!

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