Monday, 22 November 2010

A Bit of Culture

Just back from a weekend in Edinburgh with the girls! It's only my second visit to Scotland but each time I've gone I have kicked myself for not discovering this brilliant country with its rich cultural history, friendly people and reliable cheap public transport earlier.

We could only scratch the surface of this fascinating city.  Although we are sophisticated individuals we decided to eschew culture and have a bit of a laugh instead. So after balking at the cost of going into the Castle we instead opted for the Camera Obscura and World of Images.

The camera, we were informed, was the first purpose built tourist attraction in the city.  It is housed in a tower on top of a tall building in the Royal Mile and I enjoyed scooping up some of the passers-by that we spied upon with a playing card.  After that we explored four further floors of interactive stuff and that's where the fun and the multiple photo opportunites really started.

Sadly we did not capture the picture from our favourite exhibit, a thermal imaging camera which produced a tasteful 'hot crotch' effect that was too embarrassing to preserve for posterity.  Our blushes were perfectly captured by the camera too.   But here's some of the photographic evidence of our visit which comes highly recommended to those who wish to throw some inhibition to the wind and bring out their inner child!


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