Monday, 29 November 2010

Buy Nothing Day: A Reflection

Well, as I've already admitted I wasn't exactly a miserable failure on Saturday's 'Buy Nothing Day' but then I didn't manage a day without spending either.  My lack of pre-planning meant that I made the discovery that we'd run out of eggs halfway through preparing lunch.  Had I have been more organised we would have already had eggs in the house or at the very least I would have noticed my store cupboard deficit earlier and cooked something else.

But I'm quite proud of the fact that breaking my resolve didn't precipitate into a massive unplanned spending spree.  It might have started with buying a paper and some sweets for Louis in the village shop and who knows where that could have ended.  Ashamed of my inability to keep my purse shut I could have easily embarked on a bit of retail therapy to soothe my troubled soul!

Now I'm not really a spendaholic and the event wasn't a particular hardship for me.  In fact I didn't spend anything on two of the days in the preceding week.   But 'Buy Nothing Day' helped me to focus on the lack of awareness involved with some of my spending and how easy it is to go with my impulses and make purchases.

What I also found was that I didn't miss my newspaper as I read it online.  I didn't buy one on Sunday either and may give up habitually purchasing the weekend papers for a while.  It'll give me a chance to get used, instead, to reading the news and other articles on the Guardian website and perhaps I'll get the opportunity, for the first time in ages, to see what the paper has to offer midweek too!

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