Sunday, 28 November 2010

Days Out in Devon: Ranger Ralph

The Lovelygrey family live literally a stone's throw away from Dartmoor National Park.  Okay you'd have to pick someone with a good overarm technique as the boundary is  about seventy five yards away on the lane adjoining our estate.  I'm a weedy thrower and would probably fall short by some distance but I reckon the distance would be peanuts for a bowler in one of the local cricket teams.

So,  as someone who has access to this marvellous free leisure resource,  I would urge the tourists and day visitors,  after they've purchased their 99s, to step away from the ice cream vans in the car park  near Haytor and explore more of what this beautiful wilderness has to offer.  Stroll over to the visitor's centre (or one of the others around the moor) and the helpful staff will give you lots of ideas.

A visit there on our way back from The Edge exhibition  alerted me to Ranger Ralph Club.  For the bargain investment of four large letter 2nd class stamps, a 5-12 year old member gets a pack of goodies, a quarterly newsletter and the opportunity to participate in free events that take place regularly on the moor. Here's Louis taking part  in his first chilly activity with the club,  'Marvellous Maps'.  I'll post more pictures again in December when he meets Ralph again and builds a shelter for Rudolph!

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