Saturday, 13 November 2010

Hopelessly in Love with Bernard Moss!

Ever so occasionally  something or someone  makes my heart sing at a louder volume than ix la La La LA LA LAA LAAA!  The most recent occurence of this has been coming across the work of an obscure potter.

Bernard Moss worked in a number of studios around Cornwall.  According to the website Cornish Ceramics, a useful resource about the county's pottery heritage, he sold an annual limited edition collection to Heal's Furnishing Store in the late fifties and sixties. These were the predominantly blue, black and white pieces that caught my eye in the home of a lady that I visited.  I was  taken by the timeless, almost primitve design, their warmth and humour and sheer ingenuity of the work which frequently have moving parts and give them the feel of automata.

And today I've been to China Blue in Totnes and attempted my first homage to Bernard Moss's work, a teapot.  I stuck to the limited colour palette and produced a nautically themed piece of ceramic painting that I hope would not seem out of kilter with a Cornish theme.  I'll share this with you once it's fired.  In the meantime admire these original beauties.

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