Thursday, 4 November 2010

Giving us a Bad Name

We blame that Leslie Neilson chap for defiling the name of our species.  Before Naked Gun there was no problem.  'Beaver', just described me and my mates - hardworking furry creatures with a penchant for chewing timber.  And then the word took on an altogether different meaning.  For instance, our dear friend Lovelygrey cannot mention her son's Beaver Scout activities without her puerile colleague, Mr Metrosexual, collapsing into idiotic giggles.

Take, for example, this scenario. Louis was working conscientiously towards his Emergency Aid badge. In order to alert her nursing colleagues to the risks of dressing minor wounds Lovelygrey showed them this very sensible note that had been pinnned to the door of the Scout Hut. The poor dear innocent creature was horrified by the innuendo laden guffaws from members of her team.

We realise that we cannot rid the world of the dirty minds of others but perhaps creatures other than ourselves and our feline companions should take in on the chin by being the butt of their jokes. So, you guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils our there, I'm campaigning for it to be your turn and I urge the readers of this post to support me in my campaign.

Yours truly

Roger the Beaver

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