Friday, 26 November 2010

Haven't They Grown!

'Growing Pains',  a recent programme  in the BBC Radio 4 series In Business' recently caught my eye, or rather ear, as it fitted in nicely with my current interest in ethical finance. If you're quick you can listen to this interesting debate on the BBC i-Player. It provides arguments for and against the pursuit of economic growth, a relatively new historical concept that, surprisingly, has only been around for the last 80 odd years as it was a concerted attempted to fund the war effort of WWII.

I'm none the wiser in coming to a conclusion on this matter.  After all I'm just a grey airhead and not a sophisticated philosopher.  However the programme has raised more questions for me to think about that I thought I'd share!

  • Does increased consumption just make the rich richer or can it lift others out of poverty?
  • Is it  fair for the relatively well-off  to adopt strategies that deny  people with less resources a similiar standard of living to their own?
  •  Can many people adopting a personal approach to careful financial control really yield global benefits or are the greedy rich so powerful that they will negate our best efforts?
  • How do I target my buying power to achieve the most benefit with emphasis on how best to benefit poorer overseas economies.
 Heavy stuff, you'll no doubt agree.  I'll come back to this subject whenever I'm inspired to do so!

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