Saturday, 6 November 2010

In Flanders' Field

Remember back in September when I was accosted by a land girl at Castle Drogo?  She persuaded me to give two hours of my time to sell poppies in support of the British Legion. which fitted in nicely with my plans to increase my irregular volunteering activity for charities that mean something to me.  This organisation has done so much for some of the people that I come into  contact with in my professional life, providing financial support when it is desperately needed by ex-service personnel.

And of course I took my powerful sales weapon, Louis, along. My son, a budding Alan Sugar, could sell coals to Newcastle and probably, come to that, his own brand of brown ale.   I was touched by the fact that so many people are prepared to dig deep and contribute to this cause. Whilst collecting it was lovely to meet veterans who had been helped by the British Legion  and they were so appreciative of the fact that a child was giving up their time. And its wonderful that Louis has been given the opportunity to find out more about the significance of Remembrance Day and how he can play a part in giving back something to those who have made sacrifices for us.

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