Tuesday, 16 November 2010

In the Time It Takes to Boil An Egg!

On the advice of Louis' blonde and  rather gorgeous class teacher,  Mr Lovelygrey, whom I'm sure hasn't noticed her positive attributes, has bought Louis an hourglass to help him keep focused on what he's doing.  It's not like this rather beautiful fine crafted glass creation but is a blue plastic jobbie purchased for £1.75 on Ebay.  The sand runs through in three minutes, which, I acknowledge, is too short a time to boil an egg, but is sufficient for a small boy to do chores such as straightening their duvet getting dressed and cleaning teeth.  It seems to work.  He's far less distracted by Yoda or his weaponry these days.

My post yesterday talked about how I was going to persuade Louis to do more housework and today I found myself tidying his room.  'She caved in quickly!' you might think.  But hold on,  I was doing an experiment.  How much tidying could I do in three minutes?  As you can see from my before and after shots the results are pretty impressive and my new found speedy tidying methods are now going to be transferred to my son!


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