Monday, 15 November 2010

Just finished Reading: Cut the Clutter

I have a bunch of eclectic reading from the library  which has meant my progress through Life of Pi  has ground to a halt for the time-being.   Few things are nicer than snuggling in bed with a big cup of tea and a huge pile of books.

Cut The Clutter, by the creator of a website called has now been flicked through in detail!  On the whole I think it's an excellent book. It's little and often approach to tackling a huge mess is to be lauded and the cleaning tips section of the book is excellent.  I'm already using my new found hoovering skills and vacuuming the floor using the criss-cross method.  The plea to cut kitchen sentimentality is a cry from my own heart too.  And the section on teaching children to clean has inspired me to get my son more involved around the home  'This book could be bad news for you,' I told Louis.  Yet, he's taking to straightening his bed, making a sandwich and emptying the dishwasher.  At his request,  I even let him has a go at 'dangerous' tasks yesterday, cutting up fruit and ironing.  It won't be long now before I pluck up the courage to send him up the chimney!

But the book advocates a little too much organisation and cleanliness for me. Although undoubtedbly a good idea I rebel against the Household Notebook idea that '...serves as a command centre for the entire family'.  It seems to me a  little bit like overkill and  I can't help thinking that Cynthia Ewer, the author, is  a little obsessive-compulsive but then I'm sure that she would think that I'm a downright slob.  Even though I admit to having a cleaning plan to tackle regular and less frequent jobs I don't clean as often as she does.  Beds get changed fortnightly and  hoovering takes place once a week.  And we might have some issues in the laundry department too.  My strategies to reduce this activity to a bare minimum from a green and timesaving perspective could well have Mrs Ewer reaching for her protective clothing.

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