Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Making a Mockery

Yesterday's jewellery class was highly productive as I made this entire bangle in the three hour session!  Okay,  even those of you with less than 20:20 vision might well have spotted that it is just made out of paper but  it  is the first version of a coursework piece that must be finished by spring. I even cracked on and cut out one of the ships that will make up my copper Mk. 2 prototype.  This mock up will enable me to  practice the different techniques that I need to master  before I go on to  make my final  more expensive silver/brass version.  I might even get a second wearable piece of jewellery into the bargain!

Currently this work represents a big personal milestone and I'm hoping that it marks a turning point.  For the past few weeks I've been feeling more tense and anxious. This was precipitated by a hectic period at work that invariably heralds the onset of winter. I feel tired and stressed and therefore the normal demands of home life seem onerous. At times like this,  my concentration goes out of the window and I find it extremely hard to apply myself.  This makes clearing an ever increasing backlog of tasks ever more daunting.

An evening where I managed to concentrate on what I'm doing and got encouragement to exceed my goal for the evening's class has really given me a lift. Funnily enough, I got a decent night's sleep too. These boosters have helped me realise that my head hasn't turned to mush forever and hopefully it won't be long before I get my focus back, return to my normal creative experimental self and can get on top of my to do list once more - just in time for the Christmas rush!

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