Friday, 5 November 2010

Marron Glaces

Bonfire Night! What is interesting is that my pictures of the fire at Louis' school don't look anything like what I was picking up visually at the time of the event. I had hoped to show the arty silhouettes of items in the fire, pallets and, of course, Guy himself. Oh! and the mysterious 'Sexy Lady' that Louis insisted that he'd seen on the fire. However, it appears my camera has distorted the images perhaps by bringing the usually unseen infra-red range into view. They now just look like stills from a fire training video. Explain that to me all you science boffins out there!

To keep in tune with an autumnal theme, I tried to make Marron Glaces from a recipe by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall last night, a normally reliable source of failsafe seasonal foodie recipes. I'd grubbed around in the dirt outside 'Cosmopolis' in Brittany to collect wonderful chestnuts that I'd thought would be just right for this dish.  I even think I impressed an elderly French lady who was doing the same thing with whom I shared recipe tips.  She was only going to boil hers as a vegetable.

Now I had visions of amazing the family at Christmas with my homemade delicacies, imagining them cooing with delight when presented with these hand wrapped bespoke candies but it all went horribly wrong.  Even though I followed the recipe to the letter they've turned out to be an overcooked disappointment, too disgraceful to photograph in their finished form.  The only things I've got to show for my efforts are gnarled sticky balls (Madam!) and also sore fingers from voracious chestnut picking and peeling activity.  'Forget your Little House on the Prairie dreams' advised Mr Lovelygrey sensibly.  If someone can advise me of a failsafe way to produce these I'd love to know.  If not, I'll happily stump up the full price to procure this luxury item as I now have an appreciation of the work that goes into producing them.

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