Saturday, 27 November 2010

Marrow and Feta Pie

Mmm! Yummy marrows - my favourite vegetable.  Actually I lie.  These big old guys, that are really just overgrown courgettes, used to fill me with dread, especially when stuffed.  They look promising but really they're just so watery and tasteless.

But the other day I spotted 80p marrows at the Trago Mills vegetable stall and snapped one up with glee.  Why the change of heart?  Well, there's a delicious dish which is a surprising favourite of mine which showcases this vegetable at its best.

This Marrow and Feta Pie  is a Greek dish,  a country whose rustic unpretentious cuisine is one of my favourites.   The recipe suggests making four small pies but I just knock up one great big beauty.  I'm also lax with sticking to the recommended weights and measures for the ingredients of the filling but this lack of accuracy doesn't seem to make an awful lot of difference to the finished product.  Granted, the marrow takes a bit of prep; peeling, chopping, grating, weighing it down under a layer of salt and using a muslin to squeeze out the liquid that comes from this osmotic process.   But after that,  it is really simple, just rolling out puff pastry and filling the pie with a mixture of grated marrow,  eggs, butter, oil, feta and basil.  The resultant dish, a wonderful meat-free treat, looks and tastes stunning.

PS:  Oh! I forgot to mention when I first posted this that the pie is great either hot or cold..
PPS:  I was also going to say that I ever so nearly adhered to my firm resolve to stick to 'Buy Nothing Day'.  However I found that we were out of eggs midway through my cooking activities and had to pop out to the village shop.  Must plan in advance next year!

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