Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Mary, Mary not Contrary

In yesterday's post I omitted telling you the main reason for the girls' Edinburgh trip, a concert by Mary Gauthier!  This was because  I was awaiting the photographic evidence of having met my No.2 musical hero, after the great Leonard Cohen of course.  This lady is a super talented  American songwriter whose lyrics contain dark humour and poignancy, often with autobiographical themes.  Her musicianship isn't bad either.  If you aren't familiar with her work,  try out the jukebox from her website here.

I love discovering new music and Ben Glover, who supported Mary is a real find whose most recent CD, bought at the concert, will be my accompaniment as I drive around the tiny lanes of the South Hams  over the next week or so. From my recent festival going I've learning more and more that I don't just have to look to the big, famous names to provide the soundtrack to my life. Often less well known artists are just as talented and supporting them through attending their gigs and buying their recordings parallels a philosophy of choosing small businesses over the mighty corporations.

 Before I go I have to say that I am pleased that Louis and I have a lot in common when it comes to musical preference,  Okay, whilst ackowledging his talent,  I'm not so keen on Michael Jackson but we both share a liking for greats like the aforementioned Mr Cohen, David Bowie and the Smiths and lesser known bands such as the Plymouth based Mad Dog McCrea. Louis sings along to Mary Gauthier in the car and in order make amends for not allowing him to attend the concert he now has his owned signed copy of 'The Foundling' (as well as a pair of spy specs from the Camera Obscura shop).  Many thanks Mary for a great night and your kindness.

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