Sunday, 21 November 2010

My Love Affair With Bernard Moss (Continued)

It was a demanding week at work which culminated in a crisis last thing on Friday afternoon.  Just the way I like to be eased into my weekend (not!).  So, to cheer me up, I stopped off at China Blue on the way home to see if the results of our recent pottery painting had materialised  and it had.  I was also perked up by the lovely ladies that work there.    When I arrived home this wonderful little fellow was waiting for me too

 Behold, the rabbi,  my first piece  of pottery by Bernard Moss!  I didn't think I'd own any of his work so quickly because it seems a little hard to come by.  However, this friendly chap in the potter's characteristic blue, black  and white colour scheme came up on Ebay  last week.  Foolishly,  I placed a ridiculously high bid and was very pleased when I won the auction for what seemed like a bargain.  Phew!

As I said in my previous post  I  used Bernard Moss's work as inspiration to produce my own homage..  As befitting to someone working in Cornwall, quite a few of  pieces of his work that I've seen have a nautical flavour so I thought I'd borrow that idea.   At the request of Mr Lovelygrey I painted a teapot that was large enough to fill two of the massive mugs that are used to administer the requisite amount of caffeine at given times of the day.  I found it interesting to use a  palette that was much more restricted than usual but didn't think that the primitive nature of the design was out of keeping with things I'd produced before.  Give me a stick man over realism any day!

I'll save Louis' masterpiece that he produced to show off another time soon!

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