Monday, 1 November 2010


One of the most memorable restaurant reviews that I ever read was not for some fancy pants joint.  It was for a Little Chef in the days before the chain started to be  made over by Heston Blumenthal and the Popham branch achieved the accolade of being listed in the Good Food Guide.   The 'Secret Diner' asked for an omelette only to be told that there were none as they hadn't  arrived in the post that day!  I see from the company's website that now they've thankfully seen the light and cook the dish using fresh eggs.

And here we are at the other end of the omelette spectrum from the vacuum packed variety.  I had promised myself to spoil the Lovelygrey family and dine at the Mere Poulard, a beautfiul place at Le Mont St Michel where what could be the fluffiest omelettes in the world are lovingly cooked by chefs on an open fire in 'plein vue' of the admiring public.  However the miser in me balked at the price of 24 Euros for the cheapest option so we headed to the nearest Super U and bought the ingredients and an egg whisk instead. The money saved can go towards paying off the mortgage!

So here's the efforts of the cheapskate 'Mere Lovelygreyard' made from seven separated eggs with the whites beaten into fluffy peaks with my newly purchased camper van kitchen utensil. It's filled with a mixture of Charlotte potatoes, chorizo and slow cooked onions. Does it taste as good as its three star cousin at Mont St Michel? Perhaps not, but I may never find out. But I can say that this version was a big hit with the Lovelygrey boys who wolfed down every last scrap. And they're tricky customers so who knows?

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