Sunday, 7 November 2010

Shiny Shiny

Currently I'm multi-tasking, writing my post this evening, whilst waiting for my polishing machine to weave (or maybe even tumble!) its magic and provide much needed sparkle to the first creation from my silver jewellery class, a topaz ring. I have to admit it's not perfect as you'll see when I've added the photo after the process has finished. It's has an asymmetric feel but you have to start someone.

In the meantime I thought I'd share some work of a proper jeweller, a Irish chap called Alan Ardiff from whose website I've pinched these images to give him a tiny piece of free advertising.  If I ever get anywhere as competent as this I'd be well chuffed!  His pieces incorporate gold as well as silver and often have mechanisms so that they move,  butterflies can flap their wings and tiny cars encapsulated into cufflinks roll on wheels.

I'm currently producing a portfolio of work that inspires me and Mr Ardiff, sir,  you will certainly feature.  And I'm beginning to formulate an idea for a design that incorporates some of multi colour kinetic qualities that I admire, albeit at a much simpler level.

And just as I'd finished writing the first three paragraphs, the oven timer went off to remind me to visit the tumble polisher. Here's the result, a wearable ring, but not in its final form. The process, together with the close up photography, has highlighted that theres a bit more work to do in terms of tidying up so I'll consult Lizzie my jewellery teacher tomorrow about what's best. In the meantime I'll start to show it off, hidden amongst a nest of other rings to conceal its rough edges!

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  1. That's lovely. You should be very pleased with yourself and wear it with pride